D-Marin Yacht Marin

Located in the most comprehensive yacht Aegean Coast Didim Marina is one of the harbor and yacht maintenance and repair facilities. Didim Marina was put into service in 2009 and offers high-quality service for boat owners. It also provides Bodrum Airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airports are a great convenience in transportation is very close.

D-Marin Didim is able to provide services to super yachts up to 70 meters. It also has that is 11 meters wide and 400-ton lift slipway pool with a magnificent catamaran center. D-Marin Didim, Turkey's first and is home to the only Catamaran Club. It offers a very nice social environment for Catamaran boat owners with the club.


D-Marin Didim, Turkey's is one of the official ports of entry. Marina can serve vessels with lengths of 8 meters to 70 meters. With a capacity of 90 Mega Yacht Didim Marina it has a total of 576 yachts capacity. Depth up to 6 meters, width up to 20 meters, boats up to 70 meters in length, D-Marin Didim 'can also be easily receives services.

Floating dock and fixed docks offering opportunities to connect D-Marin Didim in the bonding area provides the necessary electrical connections and waste removal services for boats.


D-Marin Didim Marina Services

• Maritime binding capacity: 576 (8 to 70 meters from 90 superyacht mooring)
• Marina depth of 6 m, width 20 m and length of the boat up to 70 meters can be accommodated.

Berth Area:
• Land Storage capacity: 600
• 72,000 m² Land Parking space
• Travel lift: 400 T and 75 T
• Boat carrier: 40 T and 100 T
• Berth / Ship slide
• Lower washing and cleaning
• Hangar 30 * 60 meters, two indoor hangars

General Services:
• 24-hour water facilities
• 24-hour power facilities (220 / 380V, 50Hz, with 16-32-63-125)
• Fuel services
• Toilets and bathrooms
• Laundry and dishwashing units
• 24-hour TV broadcast
• Wireless Internet access
• 304 warehouse space
• Outdoor parking areas
• 68 underground parking


Technical Services:
• Paint and polyester works
• Engine maintenance and repair
• Electricity
• Carpenter
• Turning and metal work
• Ventilation and bilge control
• Battery check and charge
• General cleaning jobs
• Ship supplies
• Mooring service
• Diving Services
• Diving bottle refilling

Environmental Cleaning Services:
• Harbour water recirculation system
• Waste water collection facilities
• Solid waste collection station
• Waste motor oil collection station

Security Services:
• 24-hour security and closed-circuit camera system
• warning and fire-fighting equipment

Technical Service

D-Marin Didim Marina in many areas can also receive technical support services are available for your boat. At the top of Selmar that in 25 years the industry has come Yacht Technical Service. Selmar Yacht Technical Service brings many years of experience and specialized technical team that all maintenance and repair operations with boat owners are required to do under one roof.
In addition, Selmar Yacht Market very close location and the sea is the need to provide for all boat owners or material.
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